GxP inspection

Your supervisory authority has carried out a GxP inspection at your premises and you do not agree with a deficiency found?

Advertising with pilot studies?

Your new cosmetic product is an innovation. Initial pilot studies confirm that the product is effective. Further studies would be necessary to confirm these findings. However, these would involve considerable additional costs. You would like to know whether and, if so, to what extent you can advertise with the findings from the first pilot studies.

National trade mark or EU trade mark?

Your company is already active in many countries. You would like to introduce a new trade mark for your new product. You are considering protecting it as a European trade mark (EU trade mark) because protection for Germany is included. Or are there good reasons to apply for both trade marks?

Protection of my event brand and licences for partners

You are organising a festival in your city that attracts worldwide attention. You have developed a logo with which you advertise the festival nationally and internationally. The logo is also to be used by companies that offer goods (e.g. merchandising) or services (travel, tours, hotels, etc.) in connection with the festival. You need a simple, uniform standard licence agreement to regulate how and when third-party providers may use the logo.