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Protection of my event brand and licences for partners

You are organising a festival in your city that attracts worldwide attention. You have developed a logo with which you advertise the festival nationally and internationally. The logo is also to be used by companies that offer goods (e.g. merchandising) or services (travel, tours, hotels, etc.) in connection with the festival. You need a simple, uniform standard licence agreement to regulate how and when third-party providers may use the logo.

You advertise your festival, cultural event, concert or celebration extensively. You expect that third parties will want to offer their own services in connection with the event, from catering to hotel services, transport services, accompanying programme to merchandising and the like. Naturally, you want these service providers to advertise with the festival logo and the name of the festival or sporting event. After all, it is also in your interest to advertise the event as widely as possible, to reach as many people as possible and to attract as many partners as possible. It is crucial that you have the final say on who can advertise with the logo, who your partner is and under what conditions they can use the logo (or at some point may no longer use it). It is a good idea to draw up a standard licence agreement in which you not only define the conditions for using the logo, but also agree on the payment of licences, because after all, the partners earn money mainly because you are organising the event in the first place. This gives you control over who uses the event logo, in what form, and for what and how it is used.

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