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Advertising with pilot studies?

Your new cosmetic product is an innovation. Initial pilot studies confirm that the product is effective. Further studies would be necessary to confirm these findings. However, these would involve considerable additional costs. You would like to know whether and, if so, to what extent you can advertise with the findings from the first pilot studies.

Food, food supplements, medical devices, pharmaceuticals – and cosmetics. Different rules apply to each of the health products as far as advertising with a specific effect is concerned. The standard for cosmetics advertising has become stricter, but is still not as strict – under certain circumstances, a pilot study can be sufficient evidence for certain claims. It also depends on the quality of the study. We regularly scrutinise studies and the claims they make from a legal perspective. We translate findings from studies into (authorised) advertising claims. And we help you to minimise the risk of being attacked by competitors, associations or supervisory authorities for claims made in your advertising.

We are also happy to advise you on any legal aspects of the study design before the study is conducted. So that it does not only become apparent after the study has been carried out that the statements made are not sufficiently substantiated by legal standards.

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